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With VMG, each album is ultrasonically sealed in our patented cases. Protect and preserve your vinyl while maximizing the value of your collection today!

Why Encapsulate?

Our patent-pending encapsulation case guarantees the integrity of your record, ensuring it remains untampered and exactly as described. With clear visibility of both the sleeve and vinyl, you can trust in the precision of our grading.

Why VMG?

Vinyl records are collectible masterpieces, embodying the soul of music through their sound, distinctive vinyl, captivating cover art, and intricate sleeve designs. Like treasured paintings, they demand to be preserved, shared, and showcased.

How Do I Start?

Start here and enter your record information. We have some simple questions about the album you are sending and you get to choose the services you'd like included.

Years of Expertise

With nearly a century of combined expertise, we are your trusted third-party evaluator in vinyl record grading. Our deep knowledge ensures every detail is meticulously assessed, offering you a trustworthy, reliable, and authoritative condition grade.
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A Wide Range of Services to Fit Any Budget

VMG delivers an extensive array of services tailored to your budget, ensuring no compromise on quality across our offerings. From meticulous evaluation to thorough cleaning and robust protection, we cover every aspect to maintain the integrity and value of your items.

Resources Galore

New to collecting? No problem. Utilize our resources to learn the lingo, validate VMG certification numbers and join the collector community.
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Our Mission

To provide collectors, enthusiasts and industry professionals with accurate and reliable assessments, ensuring transparency and trust in the marketplace.

By upholding the highest standards of quality and expertise, we aim to contribute to the fortification of the vinyl record collecting hobby while fostering a community of informed collectors.

Vintage Media Grading: Where every groove tells a story.

What everyone is saying about VMG...

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Get ready to save some cash as we kick off the month of April; Record Store Day and VMGs first anniversary! Our already low price on slabs starting at $39 is receiving a 15% discount marking April as the month to submit your collections.

The sale is active 4/1 – 4/30.