vintage media grading, VMG, vinyl record grading company


VMG was founded by hobbyists with a passion for music, collectibles and most importantly, the integrity of collecting.

Dedicated to the authentication, grading, preservation and archiving of vinyl records. 

  • Securely encapsulate the item in a tamper-proof, patented plastic case where the item will be protected and preserved.
  • Add value to millions of existing collectibles.
Vinyl Record Grading, Vinyl Record Encapsulation, Vinyl Record Grading Company
From left to right, Drew Hoffman, Vanessa Harwood, Paul Brayman, Butch Harwood and Chad Brayman.

Why Use VMG

  • Large Scale, third party grading companies exist for nearly all other collectibles.
  • VMG finally brings standardization to the hobby!
  • VMG graded collectibles give buyers the confidence that they are getting exactly what is on the label in the condition standardized in our grading rubric.
  • VMG graded collectibles also gives sellers the credibility that they are offering an authentic album in the condition indicated on the label. No more guess work between buyers and sellers!
  • With increased credibility and confidence, you are not only protecting and preserving your collectible but also adding desirability and value in the marketplace.
  • Create a whole new asset by choosing to have your album digitally backed up before it is ultrasonically encapsulated.
  • Enjoy hearing all of your vinyl’s character through this lossless audio back up while the physical album is preserved and protected in our patented case.