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Service Level Max Value Per Item Fee Per Item

Additional slabs: +$20

Estimated Turnaround


Insurance is an additional $1.50 per $100 declared value.

Take advantage of combined shipping at no additional cost for every 5 items you order! So if you are ordering 2 items, you can order up to 5 and pay the same shipping cost. Ordering 7 albums? Order up to 10 with no additional shipping cost!

VMG will offer several pricing options to match your budget.

The pricing tiers will be based on:
  • Your desired turnaround time
  • Maximum value of the collectible

VMG offers the most unique slab in the industry! Your album will be sealed in our patented cases where the cover and vinyl are encased separately and joined by a hinge. 

Vintage Media Grading’s tamper proof cases combine beauty with durable performance. Your record will be first placed in a polypropylene sleeve, the most durable and reliable material for safely encasing vinyl records. The record will then be ultrasonically sealed in a durable case made of PETG (polyethylene terephthalate) plastic, creating a tamper proof seal which allows the collector to be confident that the encased record corresponds to the description on the case label, without fear of malicious tampering.

Our PETG plastic case is treated to create a scratch-resistant surface and durability, providing a glass-like transparency and allowing crystal clear visibility of every part of your record. The case will also be sealed with a unique VMG label, describing all the special characteristics that define your record.

VMG offers different options for the encasing of your record. In the case of sealed records (or unsealed records, should you choose), the record is sealed inside its protective sleeve in a single, safe, transparent case.

However, our patented hinged case, should you choose it, provides a unique and innovative approach to the slabbing of vinyl records.

As any record collector knows, the beauty of the vinyl experience is not just the cover, but the vinyl itself. The vinyl record itself contains valuable information regarding its providence, and itself is a piece of art worthy of display. Our hinged, foldable case allows for the encasing and display of the vinyl record, separate from its cover, allowing you to experience the beauty of your vinyl record, its record label, and all its uniqueness. We even provide a multi-folding case for double albums, allowing multiple separate vinyl records to be encased in a hinged and foldable case alongside the unique cover.

Of course, for collectors, the vinyl record itself tells a story. Oftentimes, the difference between unique pressings of an album can only be found on the vinyl itself, as many pressings are often encased in identical sleeves. By encasing your vinyl record separately from its cover, those differences are better appreciated by you, fellow collectors and audiophiles.